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What can and can't I stream on hitbox?

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We're often asked what can/can't be streamed on hitbox, and it’s hard to blanket this question with one generic answer.

Why not explain it better with a list of what can and cannot be streamed instead? :D


Yes, go for it! Stream your little heart off!


Original Gaming Content is our core focus here on hitbox. We are a platform for gamers by gamers, and so is our content. However, there are a few limitations and rules in place.

  •  You can stream gaming content of currently released titles, early access, alpha, beta phases, as long as you are not bound by an NDA. We will notify broadcasters if we receive takedown notices for any games not released or otherwise restricted and remove said content if neccessary.
  • Nudity in games is limited to what is intended for the story; modifying a game to increase the amount of nudity or focusing on the sexual content of a game is not permitted.
    • Blatant sexual content is not permitted  - while we do have channel age limit gates in place to protect underage viewers, we do not allow pornographic games to be streamed on hitbox in general. When in doubt about a specific title, ask us, we’re happy to clarify.
    • Dating sims and other games of this category are permitted granted the broadcaster takes responsible action to censor any blatant sexual content (visual or audible) and sticks to the freely available version of the game (e.g. via Steam).
  • Adults only content: hitbox users are allowed to stream publicly available games as long as they adhere to our terms of service and this article and are allowable by law.
    • ​​hitbox determines on a case-by-case basis which games and streams we allow on our platform, and those may include games that received specific ratings from the various ratings authorities, such as AO by ESRB or 18 by PEGI. Community input and feedback is always welcome.
    • Streamers are required to set their channel age limit to 18+ when streaming an adults only game which prompts an age gate to every viewer. hitbox will remove streams that do not follow these rules.
    • ​If you are prone to using strong language, you might want to consider setting your channel to 18+ in the first place. Just because you put a mature content filter on this doesn't mean you can stream anything either ;-). As always: When in doubt, ask our staff! 
Artwork; digital and hardcopy
  • Other art forms are welcomed such as cooking, robotics, nerdy/gaming-construction, etc. That being said, keep it classy - the same rules for streaming  gameplay apply to drawings as well.

Music production and mixing

  • For this subject we require visually seeing what is being done, seeing a static screen doesn’t show you have any rights to what you’re doing!

Game, Web, and Program development

  • Impress us with your super awesome coding skills.

Nerdy/Gaming-related podcasts and streams

  • Tell us about your awesome match in CS:GO last week, or your epic collection of Spiderman comic books. Keep it clean, nerdy, and fresh. (Examples of acceptable content: 3D printing, ham radio channels (supervised), etc)


No. Hold on there partner and think before you act!


Movies, TV Shows, Sports, etc

  • Regardless of subject matter

Pornographic Content

  • I don’t think this needs to be explained

Music videos

Music with no visual content  

  • You’re more than welcome to have your own music in the background, but we will remove content (as in VODs) without further notice if we receive a takedown notice. If you plan on pushing a highlight to YouTube we are not liable for takedown notices or the music being muted out of the video.

Cheating/Hacking/Exploits in online multiplayer games

  • No one likes a cheater!

Omegle and sites like it


If you ever have a question about something you want to stream on hitbox, don’t hesitate to send us a tweet or email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!


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