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The Hitbox Chat Interface

in: Livestreaming
Chat Functionality

The chat plays a substantial role in the Hitbox social experience, as it allows you to interact with the broadcasters and fellow community members.
To participate you must sign-in to your Hitbox account.

Clicking on an username in chat triggers an overlay, depending on whether you are an BROADCASTER, a MODERATOR​ or a VIEWER.


By clicking on a username in the chat you can visit the Users Channel.

You have the option to:

  • Mention a user in the chat
  • There is a chat shortcut for this as well, start typing someone’s username after an “@” and press tab to autofill the rest of the username or tab between similar usernames. This only works for individuals who are in the viewer list.
  • Ignore all messages from that user on hitbox chats
Timeout (= 10 Minute Ban)
Ban a User (permanent until unbanned)
  • Can be unbanned through the chat ban list
Make moderator
IP Ban
  • Bans the user’s IP address from your chat.


A Moderator has basically the same options as an admin but without the authorisation to make moderators and IP ban.


Viewers only have the option to ignore other users and to mention other users.

Chat Settings

You can access the chat settings simply by clicking on the cog-wheel in the top-right corner

You can:
-Choose a color for your username in chat
-Increase / decrease the font size
-Enable images and gifs to auto-embed in the chat
-Display Timestamps
-Choose between compact and normal mode
  • compact mode puts their message beside their username
  • normal mode puts their message below their username
-Popout the chat in a new Window

Moderator Options (Broadcaster and Moderator only)

Broadcasters and Moderators can set a time limit on how often a viewer is allowed to send chat messages. They can also modify the word blacklist in chat. The blacklist disables any user messages going through containing said words (disables whole message and notifies user).


In the viewer list you can see who you currently have ignored in that chat, who is banned (if you are the broadcaster), how many guests and registered users there are in the chat (in this example there are no guests, but there is 1 registered guest), and the ability to pin the viewer list beside the chat.

You can also search for a specific user with the Search bar at the top, just be sure to press the ‘X’ after you’re done to show all users again.

My Chat won't connect??!!
If your chat isn't connecting there could be a couple things happening.
Things that can potentially block Hitbox's chat:
  • Antivirus programs (such as Avast) will someone block Websockets which our chat runs on. Temporarily disabling antivirus programs is a good way to test if that is what is interfering. If that happens to be the case, whitelisting Hitbox should resolve the issue.
  • Browser security extensions - same idea as antivirus programs but are browser-based. Try disabling them temporarily and see if anything changes.
  • Firewall settings can sometimes be too restrictive and not allow your computer to accept websockets, lowering settings or whitelisting can sometimes help this as well.
  • Internet providers are also potential culprits for blocking websockets.
If you're still not sure what might be causing your chat not to connect properly, send us an email and we can help your troubleshoot further. Sometimes the answers aren't always super clear so extensive troubleshooting may be required.
Last Updated: Jan 27, 2016 12:26AM UTC
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